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n. Someone who claims to be a vegetarian, but in reality consumes all types of meat except red meat.
Dave: Why is Becky over there deep-throating a polish? Isn't she a vegetarian?
Steve: No, dude. She's an idonteatredmeatatarian.
by SteveLeave98118 August 02, 2011
Somebody who needs to be slapped, right now.
Jess: Why is Bridgett being such a sassypants?
Erika: I dunno but she needs to be slapped, right now.
by SteveLeave98118 August 16, 2011
Ridiculously drunk.
Jake: Where's Chuck?
Dave: In the port-a-shitter puking. He's pretty yardsaled.
by SteveLeave98118 October 04, 2011
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