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After defecation, one goes to wipe clean the anus crevice and realizes he/she has been able to achieve a bowel movement without the need of toilet paper to wipe the area clear of fesses residue after exportation.
Yes...i jus dropped the kids off and wiped, looked at the paper...Sweet!!! One wipe wonder!!!
by steve-i rastafari August 27, 2005
A phrase once again coined by the up most respected and very easily miss confused Steven Burkemper. Related to early nine teen nineties Grateful Dead concert parking lots, young Burkemper selling commodities such as Shasta cola and grilled cheese sandwiches. Burkemper loudly announces his product costing a mere US Dollar, affordable to the average patron of the scene, as a tasty beverage or snack to quench the thirst or hunger of the purchaser. "What the Fuck Its Only a Buck", became an instant staple for vendors around the country on the grateful dead parking lot circuit, and went on to acquire such acceptances from other parking lots in the later years such as; Phish, Widespread Panic, String Cheese etc...
"Cola's, Grilled Cheese, What the Fuck it's only a buck!!!"
by steve-i rastafari August 12, 2005
Purchasing a timeshare in Miami refers to the commitment of sexual intercourse to a Miami at least 6 times a year, as does a regular timeshare commitment. This is usually a drunken sorry act from a desperate individual in search of releasing his seed only for the sake of pleasure. The Miami soon becomes his timeshare in which the benefactor frequents like one would visit a timeshare. These outings may very in length depending on how much this person over drinks through out the year
"Yo, son daves in a black out again, I think he's on the phone with that miami right now."
by Steve-i Rastafari March 14, 2005
A typical question acquired by a brethren or sisthren of a schwilly fellowship, used in reference to finding other schwilly kids after arriving in an unfamiliar town, city or parking lot.
"Yo, where's all the schwilly kids at, Kid?"
by Steve-i Rastafari March 07, 2005
Just one of the many alter egos displayed by the infamous Steven Burkemper, used in reference to the master of disaster himself, after he has consumed way too much Whiskey. (Perferably Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon). One can find this colorful character frequenting Grateful Dead or Grateful Dead related parking lots, and in certain "hippie" college towns such as Arcata Ca., Eugene Or., Boulder Co. etc. WARNING WHISKEY STEVE IS A DANGOURS PERSON! STAY WITHIN 50 YARDS OF THIS INDUVIDUAL! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES IF WHISKEY STEVE IS SEEN WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS (assailants are listed in order from most dangers): Xanax Steve, Klonopin Steve, Valium Steve
. "Dude, Whiskey Steve made an appearance last night on the lot, he tried to take a shit on top of a moving cop car. When the cops noticed him he jumped off the cruiser right onto Russo’s falafel stand." "That guy is a fuckin idiot!"
by Steve-i Rastafari March 07, 2005
Derived from the Easy-E song 8 Ball, used to describe the ever so fascinating, yet peculiar Earl. Known to frequent some of the darkest dwellings known to man, not even the most valiant knobble savage would dare to perceive.
"Yo man you see Earl easing in the parking lot?"
"Yeah man, He was one a million"
"That kid is crazy"
by Steve-i Rastafari March 14, 2005
A queerish question the mysterious David Voldemars Buttox frequently ask strangers in an effort to find an individual who is as sick as he. Most commonly confused by the beneficiary as Mattox, making a pass, alluring wild gay butt sex.
"Hey Bra, you down with sexual terms?"
What would you think if someone ask you this?
by Steve-i Rastafari March 14, 2005

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