54 definitions by Steve-O

President Wesley K. Clark's abominable predecessor.
In '04, vote for the Four-Star.
by Steve-O December 31, 2003
a marijuana joint laced with cocaine
hey i gottan qp and an 8 lets roll rollercoasters.
by steve-O April 07, 2005
A grammatically incorrect way of stating impossible.
It's unpossible to die from a cordless phone.
by Steve-O September 09, 2004
a person who wears cloths from abercrombie & filch, american eagle, etc, has a lot of school spirt, and often plays some sports.
preps are scary "people".
by Steve-O March 01, 2005
The guy who grabbed Janet's rack.
Look, there's Justin Timberlake.
Isn't he that fool who grabbed Janet's rack?
by Steve-O April 03, 2004

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