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1) to consistently gravitate towards the unnecessary;

2) to take something simple and pure and turn that the thing into something repugnant;
3) to hate-fuck a chick and blow your wad in her ear
-"The job interview was going well until I totally Dave Bergh-ed it."

-"How so?"

-"Well, she was asking me to define leadership when I got nervous and blew my wad in her ear."

by Steve with Warrior Balls December 05, 2011
A penis that is lacking in girth relative to its overall length, leading to said penis resembling a finger. A true finger penis will be uncircumcised- the foreskin completes the finger resemblance. A circumcised penis will carry the moniker of a band-aided finger penis.
"Do you have condoms for people with long and skinny penises?"

"You mean fingerpenis condoms?"
by Steve with Warrior Balls December 06, 2011
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