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6 definitions by Steve the Snake

Adverbial form of ginger. Performing an action whilst being red-headed.
The Proclaimers sang a song gingerly

Mick Hucknall picked his nose gingerly

Neil Lennon plays football gingerly

Carrot Top tells incredibly bad jokes gingerly
by Steve the Snake March 28, 2008
24 16
Being extremely good, bad, or anything in between at something.
Did you see Scott play?
Yeah, he was like a bear.

You reply like a bear.
Sorry mate, I've been busy.

He worked like a bear!
Yes, he was immense in midfield.
by Steve the Snake November 13, 2007
9 2
The urge to walk a lot, especially after a long period of convalescence.
Xaviera is extremely walkative since her knee stopped hurting.

I used to be extremely walkative in my youth, but arthritis put paid to that.
by Steve the Snake April 24, 2008
5 0
Masturbating so that you ejaculate into your own mouth.
Of course I've never tasted my own man juice, do you think I circus wank?
by Steve the Snake January 11, 2008
4 2
A portmanteau of man and anathema.

Something which men hate, or hate to do.
Shoe shopping is manathema.

Being kicked in the nads is manathema.
by Steve the Snake October 05, 2012
0 0
To cancel, especially at short notice.
We regret to announce that the five o'clock train has been sadared.

"Sorry mate, I need to sadar for tonight."
"What!?, But we're supposed to be leaving in an hour!"
"I know but Jenny's going into labour."
by Steve the Snake March 11, 2008
1 4