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When you give someone a gift in order to sleep with them. Then after you've had sex with them and they are asleep...you rob them.
I was trying to sleep with this chick, and she was being shady. So I gave her a "black santa" and I got what I wanted, and some spending money.
by Steve Williams December 07, 2003
The act of hitting or attacking someone or some group. Term originated in South Central Los Angeles by the Crips gang. To clock meant to wage gang warfare "around the clock" i.e. 24/7 on your enemies.
" Damn we clocked them "sissies" (Rolling 60's) nonstop".
by Steve Williams February 25, 2005
White cheesy shit that collects around a girl's pussy lips and clit when she doesn't wash it. Some dudes dig licking out their girlfriend's Fromunder Cheese.
"Man, I love opening Cammi's whisker biscuit and licking out the Fromunder Cheese inside, tastes damn good!"
by Steve Williams February 26, 2005
To check out the smell of a girl's pussy before you start to go down on her. Involves moving your face across her whisker biscuit and sniffing. If it smells like fish you don't go any further, if it smells good you dive in.
"Steve checked out Joan's pussy by doing a drive by first".
by Steve Williams February 26, 2005

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