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The ultimate insult, to be used when there seem to be no adequate words to describe how badly the recipient of the insult has upset you
"How could you? That's my sister you Goat Herding Pig Fuck"
by Steve SB April 17, 2007
A rider who races pigs at a Pig Racing event. Children or Midgets may be used as Jockeys but maximum prestige for comic effect is awarded to pig owners who use Monkeys, this may also prevent legal problems arising as the losing Jockey is usually spit roast and his mount turned into BBQ. May also be referred to as a "Simian Swine Jockey"
"That Pig Jockey just cost me ten bucks, I'm gonna spit roast his ass"
by Steve SB April 17, 2007
Truly the sport of Kings. Pigs are raced around a circuit, preferably with a Pig Jockey on board each pig, causing much hilarity. Traditionally the losing swine is turned into BBQ for the spectators, the losing Pig Jockey may become a spit roast.
"I'm heading down to the track for a spot of pig racing, I'll probably eat while I'm there"
by Steve SB April 17, 2007
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