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Confused, bereft of knowledge about a particular thing.
Bobby Bowden is often bumfuzzled about his player's actual NAMES.
by Steve Kaplan December 16, 2004
sphincter, bunghole, bungus, asshole.
I would like to stick my pangus in her rignus.
by Steve Kaplan December 12, 2004
Celebratory time of day, exultation and hilarity typically ensues.
Yo, I am bummed up in this bitch, I can' wait until it's Goodday time so I can get crunkalicious, imo.
by Steve Kaplan December 30, 2004
Perpetual friend to all women. Constantly talks about how close he gets to actually touching his female friends, but will never actually have sex
I can never tell her how much I'm in love with her. I'm such a fella!
by Steve Kaplan December 16, 2004
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