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During the act of any form of intercourse, one mate puts his hand inside his own anus, pulls out feces, and yells, "Peanut Butter Pirate!" and slaps the feces into the other mate's eye.
"I was with this girl, and I gave her the Peanut Butter Pirate.
by Steve Kane May 07, 2004
Dude hooters. Otherwise known as man titties or bitch tits.
"Hey guys, check these out!"
"No, man! Put your dooters away! You're making us throw up!"
by Steve Kane September 22, 2004
Someone who aspires to be a dork or geek, but fails. While a dork is funny and clever, and a geek is smart and computer savvy, a nerd who attempts to be a dork ends up being annoying and when attempting to be a geek ends up being stupid. A nerd is a wannabe dork/geek.
"Hey, Mr. Geek, did you see that nerd? He was copying you, only doing a crappy job of doing so!"
"Yeah, I saw him, he was following that dork around, telling him dumb jokes and pissing him off."
by Steve Kane October 20, 2004

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