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2 definitions by Steve Kalmertine

Pronounced Ka-th-o-haul-ick

A person who takes catholicism to extremes and tries to dictate the way everyone should live their lives. They can usually be identified by two tell tale signs:

1. They are always in church.
2. They will find something you are going to hell for and become very vocal about it... to everyone.
Guy 1: You were raised Catholic, but you're having premarital sex? ZOMG!!!! You're going to burn in hell with the gays!
Guy 2: Dude you are such a fucking Cathoholic.
by Steve Kalmertine October 09, 2007
The opposite of "bringing sexy back". Not Aestheticly pleasing at all. Usually identified as a woman over 200 lbs, going bra-less, wearing sweatpants, flipflops, a t-shirt, and having less teeth in her mouth than she has fingers.
Friend 1: Oh my God! What the fuck is that thing? Is that Shrek?
Friend 2: I think it's a woman...
Friend 1: It's so fucking nasty!
Friend 2: Nah man, she's just bringing frumpy back.
by Steve Kalmertine November 06, 2007