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1. An electricity waster. Especially in regions run on hydro-electric generation.
2. General Term for an environmentally apathetic jerk.

"Turn the light in your room off salmon killer!"
by Steve H. Perry February 27, 2009
A revolutionary feline figure associated with stinky behavior. Sometimes also called Stinky or Poopie-doodle.
Many a noble man has claimed that true liberation and unitary wholeness only lies with she who is called the great Poopface.
Jeremy: "Why does our cat have such a crazed look in her eye"
Johansonburg: "She just ate a 1/2 ounch of catnip and intends to conduct a full-on assalt on the recliner."
Jeremy: "That's some revolutionary shit! What a poopface."
by Steve H. Perry February 27, 2009

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