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An inexpensive but delicious beer "brewed" by Dominion Breweries in New Zealand. Oringinally a popular beer in the 80's, has experienced a resurge of populatrity since the late 90's with it's rebranding as a budget beer, drawing in students as a target market.
Mysteriously proclaims to be BEER as opposed to specifically a lager, draught, pilsner etc.
4% alcohol in 355ml cans, 440ml cans, 330ml bottles and 750ml crate bottles.
1) Richard: Any plans tonight?
Steve: Down some Browns then go to town. Same ol'.

2) Party random: Oh my god... On the fucken' Double Browns!!!
Steve: Delicious, mate.
Party random: All good. I don't mind the ol' Browns myself...

by Steve Gordon February 13, 2008
A familial shortening of Double Brown, a low priced but tasty beer "brewed" by Dominion Breweries in NZ.
20 for 20 dude. Can't beat the ol' Do-Bros.
by Steve Gordon February 13, 2008

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