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Word used to describe the feeling of being Run Down, tired, screwed up, messed up, or generally not as good as you can be.

Also used to describe the general feeling of any negative experience.
I was up all night partying and today I'm all Blamped !

I got into an accident, I have no insurance, and now my car is all BLAMPED and I can't pay for it.
by Steve Francis August 27, 2007
Used in a similar fashion as the word "great" or "awesome" but at an even higher level of excitement when stated.
"you are taking me out for my favorite meal an a movie ? That's flippin trince !!

U are the best friend I could have. You're so trince when we stand side by side people point at you and say "why is that guy standing beside that pile of dog crap?".
by Steve Francis July 30, 2008
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