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Upper St. Clair is a wealthy suburb in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upper St. Clair is known for snobby rich kids and hot “milfs”. The typical Upper St. Clair student can be found acting as if he is from the "ghetto", yet their tinted windows are the darkest thing that they have seen. Every kid from 7th to 12th grade talks of smoking weed but the closest any of them have gotten to grass is their freshly cut, Mexican made, perfect front lawn. It is a place where your older brother determines your popularity and status in life; for instance when one student is faced with a fight from one of the neighboring community the common response will be “Do you know my brother” or “Yo I will get my brotha up in here.” Upper St. Clair is known for better looking girls then the neighboring communities, with their fake hair always colored dark to support their poor athletic programs. Although, There has been success in the past, Render is still one of the most useless coaches you can find, but rival Mt. Lebanon and other communities, that share the same hatred, still continue to tower over them in basketball and lacrosse.
Upper St. Clair Students: "Yo dog you be hittin the bong today"
"Ya man we's be doin'this shit all day"
Mt. Lebanon Student: "Wait your still white"
Upper St. Clair: "Wat you sayin I will get my OLDA brotha"
Mt. lebanon: "Still white....."
by Steve Durann September 13, 2008

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