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When one defecates, the resulting fecal matter left in the toilet is quite substantial, large enough to form a mountain of feces that breaks the surface of the water, and requires two flushes to completely clear the toilet, or clogs the toilet altogether.
Dude, sorry, you're gonna need a plunger. I just dropped an Omega Supreme in there.

I say, old chap. I waltzed into the loo only to discover that some kind fellow had left an Omega Supreme in there.
by Steve Drambus August 14, 2011
A sex act in which one unexpectedly sticks their pinky finger into the receiving party's anus, causing the receiving party's eyes to bulge out and make a surprised laughing like sound that sounds eerily reminiscent to the Rapper/Actress Queen Latifah.
"My lady pissed me off last night, so while I was doin her doggy style, I gave her a Queen Latifah."
by Steve Drambus September 05, 2011

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