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A chin that has a cleft in it giving it the characteristics of a bum. Most people will find the bum chin to be very attractive as it has a certain heir to it. Often associated with power and sophistication. The bum chin is a sign of a distinguished gentleman.

People who have bum chins are more likely to be successful and chosen by the opposite sex, for mating.
John Travolta has an incredible bum chin.

Steve must be successful, just look at that bum chin.
by Steve Christensen December 17, 2007
A professional that studies the vibrations of machines and equipment, for the purpose of predicting which parts that may be wearing out. The ‘art’ of analyzing the vibration data is that of which a very select few can do. The analyst in most cases are extremely good looking, have a bum chin, and are great lovers.
The way Steve analyses those vibrations you can just tell he’s a great lover!

That Vibration Analyst is no 5-9!
by Steve Christensen December 17, 2007
Verb: meaning something stupid. To pull a 5-9 is to say and/or do something that many would consider institutionalizing you for.

Noun: used as a nickname for someone who has repeatedly done or said stupid things that you don't want them to live it down.
Timmy pulled a real 5-9 when he announced his poker hand before betting! From this day forward he will be strictly known as 5-9!
by Steve Christensen December 17, 2007

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