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Lil Kutanaku is an Inuit rapper from the city of Iqualuit, Quebec, Canada. This young "gangsta" as he calls himself raps mainly in french about his life in the north, drug dealing of microwaves, Koonjo and gas, killings with harpoon and other illegal activities. He is pretty big on the local scene but would like to expand to Sept-Iles, kuujjuaq and other cities in the North.
One of his famous songs, Iqualuit Gangsta, goes like this :

Crazy guns, MAN!
That's me Lil Kutanaku.
I rep' my hood.
Inuitville, Iqualuit THAT'S RIGHT!
Iqualuit n' my heart,
My heart, Iqualuit MAN!
I rep' My hood,
'cause I'm a Iqualuit gangsta, Iqualuit gangsta Iqualuit gangsta,
That's me, Lil Kutanaku.
Ya heard me?
Lil Kutanaku, gangsta, Iqualuit.
Iqualuit gangsta!
C'est moé qui deal l'essence,
C'est moé qui deal les micro-ondes,
C'est moé qui deal les harpons,
C'est moé qui deal tout,
Les armes pis la drogue.
Lil Kutanaku, Iqualuit gangsta!
Lil Kutanaku, Iqualuit gangsta!
Thats' me,
C'est moé qui deal tout,
C'est moé qui deal la drogue comme l'essence pis les micro-ondes YO !
C'est moé qui deal les armes, comme les harpons!
C'est moé qui deal tout!
Iqualuit gangsta, Iqualuit gangsta, Iqualuit gangsta, Iqualuit gangsta!
by Steve Barrow February 13, 2008
Koonjo is a "magical potion" invented by inuits to get high at a low cost. It consists of gasoline, whole cigarettes and bugs (earwigs for better quality, but sometimes it is cut with lower grade/ easier to find insects like ants or spiders). The ingredients are then mixed and crushed togheter in a skillet pot. Koonjo is usually sold in test tubes or other containers by portions of 1, 10 or 100 milliliters. A hit of koonjo (1ml) costs usually around 5¢, but it is subject to change because of current high gas prices. This inuit-made drug is usually left to dry before it is smoked, snorted or, in rare cases, ingested. In parts of Northen Quebec, koonjo is becoming a big concern because of it's low price and easy accessibility. The biggest problem for authorities is that koonjo is not technically an illegal drug. Koonjo is said to be highly addictive.
Rapper Lil Kutanaku from Iqualuit has been know to smoke koonjo for inspiration and even raps about it in some of his songs.
by Steve Barrow February 13, 2008

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