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2 definitions by Steve & Mark

(Noun): short for "wookiee sledgehammer"; another term for an incredibly, almost unbelievably, large erect penis. Is so named due to the fact that its hardness and size could theoretically allow the owner (wookiee OR human) to use it as a sledgehammer.
"Why is that guy bleeding and screaming?"

"He just got smashed in the head with that guy's wookiee sledge."
by Steve & Mark March 03, 2007
(Verb): The act of using a wookiee sledge to mushroom slap someone in the head with such force that it results in severe, vegetable-state-inducing brain damage and/or instant death.
"Did you hear what happened to Mike?"

"Yeah, he totally got wookiee sledged. Knocked his head. Clean. Off."
by Steve & Mark March 03, 2007