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Microwaving food for an extra long time to compensate for it being out of date and/or of questionable quality.
Dan:- "Is that pizza going to be ok? It's been there since Friday"

Matt:- "I'll nuke it to be sure"
by Stern Boller August 05, 2011
A short haircut. As if lawnmower had mowed over their head.
All right mate, had a fight with a lawnmower?
by Stern Boller April 12, 2011
deep brain thrombosis

The sluggishness your mind feels when you have been bored for an extended period of time. Inhibits brain activity and prevents any learning.
Bill:- "You going to the next lecture?"

Ted:- "Nah, I've already got DBT from double physics this morning"
by Stern Boller November 17, 2012
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