14 definitions by Sterling

Rather unitelligent penis shaped mammal, that sucks at hockey, and sucks on Mrs. Cooper's bloody cock!!!
Hey look it's Lotis
by Sterling May 02, 2003
An asshole.
Whoa dude, that kook just took your radical-mungo wave!!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
Ghetto crack head.
That chick is a vito.
by sterling January 28, 2003
Term used to describe a sexual toy, usu. for a woman.
DAYUM! I didn't know that you get that much technology all up in there!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
A particular individual who enjoys the expletive: "SPOON!"
That guy on "The Tick" is such a spoonman.
by Sterling April 29, 2003
to eat.
"lets moe" lets eat
"this is moe" this is good food
by sterling October 14, 2002
Hazaa. a word used by goth depresed people. (doublehander)
gothic people are so Hazaa.
by sterling January 28, 2003

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