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One who has an addiction to sleeping with sluts rather than good girls. Usually this person has no standards and is a complete sex addict; therefore they must hook up with other sex addicts thus making them slut junkies. This can pertain to members of both sex and gay or straight people.
Stephen: Man I'm gonna bang that hoe over there that has the tight ass short skirt on and tube top!

Joe: Yo I see that Breezy all the time at this club, shes always going home with different dudes homie.

Stephen: That's ok as long as she's DTF I could care less.

Joe: Yea man shes a straight slut; Ill grab her friend.

Stephen: Ok but when were done I'm calling this other chick from the bar last night.

Joe: That fat Bitch with big tits?

Stephen: Yea.

Joe: Dude your a straight Slut Junkie

Stephen: I know...
by Stephen871217 September 18, 2010
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