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verb - dogging for/with Australians. Casual, public sex, with/for an ad-hoc audience, usually takes place in the back of a pick-up truck or ute, possibly in the Outback, possibly involving Bob and Sheila. And some lager. And some more prawns on the barbie. And some fella wih no strides on, fuckin' a kangaroo.
"Hey Kylie, fancy a bit of dingoing tonight?"
"Ah Yeah! Reckon!"
"Nah rack off, Ya bloody drongo, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot digeridoo!"
by Stephen Wenman March 11, 2008
noun - A contraction of preferential nepotism, also containing elements of the sense of fraternity and fraternisation. Used where friends are given a helping hand in work, social status, etc, in such a way and and to such an extent as to appear related and benefitting from nepotism, where in fact, they are old school/college/university colleagues, and this is the basis for their preferential treatment. See also the old boy network.
You're the best man for the job but I wouldn't want to show any prefratism.
by Stephen Wenman March 11, 2008
noun - a contration of jargon and lingo. Where a specific field of work and/or study requires so much use of technical jargon, references, etc, for successful communication it appears to be almost its own vernacular language, incomprehensible to outsiders.
Please slow down, I don't talk the jingo.
by Stephen Wenman March 11, 2008

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