2 definitions by Stephen Welsh

The greatest coach in any sport at anytime in history. He was the most innovative coach who revolutionized football with his incredible talent and ability to out manuever the other team. He was years ahead of the game and was truly a genius. No one has ever had the impact that Bill Walsh had upon the coaching ranks. He was also a wonderful person off of the field as he spent a lot of time helping others as well as working to get minorities better jobs within football. Stanford was fortunate enough to have Coach Walsh lend his amazing talents to the university. He led the San Francisco 49ers out of the basement to three Super Bowl victories and will forever be treasured by all who knew him.
Bill Walsh was to coaching as Wayne Gretzkey was to hockey.
It's doubtful that there will ever be another coach of Bill Walsh's talents.
by Stephen Welsh August 14, 2007
The coolest, most awesome and righteous person or thing. Nobody or no thing is better or ever will be.
"Clint is the most clang dude I've ever met. Not like Ramon or Joe--they'll never be clang!"
by Stephen Welsh March 23, 2006

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