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"DIE BITCHES" is used to break an awkward silence.
From explosm.net's 1184 comic where a naked guy wants to kill crickets that only chirp at awkward moments. He yells "DIE BITCHES!!" and fires a shotgun blast at the crickets when they chirped.
<Haclon> So?
<Danny34> soo....I'm gay everyone
<Haclon> o_o
by Stephen Ratkovich April 12, 2008
That symbol used in ancient Egypt hieroglyphics that roughly translates to "douche bag" according to The Daily Show. It will make going to one of those museums much more interesting.
Hmmm...these hieroglyphics have a little bird and Dick Chaney, so that means Dick Chaney is a douche bag!
by Stephen Ratkovich June 25, 2007
When you go to a bathhouse between the hours of 8am and 2pm for the early bird special.
I'm going on a sunset cruise to get some action from the older daddies.
by Stephen Ratkovich November 29, 2015

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