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One of the richest cities in Canada, and most of us are really goddamn naive. SOME kids are all like "Yo biatch I don't take no shit fom yoo!" I tell those kids to get a life. No one really fights in OAkville. OAkville is a Suburbian area. We don't own yachts. HELL, I DON'T EVEN GET ALLOWANCE! We get a better education, we don't use guns, almost no one get murdered.
Missasauga Kid: Hey rich boi, don't go steppin' in mah city!
Me (oakville kid): GO fuck your self, you ghetto scumbag.
Missasauga Kid: Don't be hatin!
Me (oakville kid): Actually, considering the fact that you are WHITE, I'm not "Hatin", also, I'm not rich.
by Stephen J E November 27, 2005

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