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1. The crappiest place in northwest washington for people under the age of 50 to chill.
2. The largest dutch pothead community.
3. an island of suck.
guy:DUDE!! wanna go to oak harbor??? its an ISLAND!!
other guy: no.
by Stephen Hutsell July 31, 2006
We-Sorts is an archaic nickname for people of "mixed-race" origins who currently claim descent from the Piscataway Native American population in Charles County, Maryland. Today, one can find many people, particularly with the surnames Proctor, Savoy, Queen, Butler, Thompson, Swann (and others) who have that heritage, with appearance suggesting a mixture of European, Native American and Black American ancestry in the minds of many.
1."we sorts of Black, we sorts of Indian."
2."Hey Brianna, get in here you wesorts!"
by Stephen Hutsell December 20, 2006
Self-explanatory...the "p" is silent.
PFUCK i left my parrot in the oven!!
by Stephen Hutsell November 24, 2006

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