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something that should be legal.

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words????????? what the eff?
by Stephanie Soquet February 24, 2005
Something people decide to do when they don't feel like living anymore...

Hanging, blowing brains out, dying by your own hands, ect.
by Stephanie Soquet April 02, 2005
A BIG ASS patch of hair missing from someones head. Old people usually have these. People aren`t meant to be BALD!!!!!!
Young person: "Yo..did you see the BIG ASS BALD SPOT on that old granny?! Man that granny FUGLY!!!!"
Old person: "Would`ya pipe down sunny.. your`e enterupting my picnic"
by Stephanie Soquet January 31, 2004
When something is totally awesome.
"Dude! That concert was totally rip shit!!!"
by Stephanie Soquet March 07, 2006

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