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A sissy werewolf transformed by emotional anguish over the loss of true love. Rapewolves are commonly known for their "sexually aggressive" behaviors (like rape) and like to prey on small children to vent their frustration. Remember, it's ok because she LOOKS 17.
Chris Hansen: How ya' doing?
Jacob Black: What's going on? Where'd Renesmee go?
Chris Hansen: Oh she went to get a coke. Tell me, how did you meet Renesmee?
Jacob Black: Er, I met her when she was born. That's when I imprinted on her. It was completely involuntary, I swear.
Chris Hanson: So what's a twenty four year old like yourself coming to do with her then?
Jacob Black: Well we were just going to hang out, you know. I was going to ride motorcycles with her.
Chris Hanson: Sounds a little fishy to me, Jacob. Isn't she a little young for you to "ride motorcycles" with her?
Jacob Black: Oh well no. She's the right age, and it's all legal. She's seventeen.
Chris Hanson: Jacob, tell me the truth.
Jacob Black: What?
Chris Hanson: Jacob, she's not seventeen. You should know this since you yourself already said you imprinted on her at birth which just happens to be seven years ago.
Jacob Black: Well she LOOKS seventeen which is all that matters, and um... *transforms!* AWHOOOOOOO!
Chris Hanson: Ah, he's becoming a rapewolf!

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