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6 definitions by Stephanie Kundrotas

When you know you're sick with something and you are not sure what disease you have. A term for being sick with something.
I can't get out of bed, I have Scrapula.
by Stephanie Kundrotas April 04, 2005
To get ruffed up, attacked, taken.
Dude, Jared got housed last night by those thugs.

I'll house you.

Don't get housed

Sh'e getting housed upstairs
by Stephanie Kundrotas October 20, 2005
A filler word when desribing something. can be used as a noun or adj.
The poomac oysters are in abundance this year.
by Stephanie Kundrotas March 26, 2005
unsteady motion. Rocking or swaying but more abrupt and turbulent.
the bus terbisalagandered as it went stright up the incline.
by Stephanie Kundrotas March 26, 2005
Utter disregard for ones attempt of contacting. Hitting the IGNORE button on ones cell phone.
I called, it rang, I know he has his cell, Ian's working the IGGY.

Its messed up he had to pull the IGGS.

I've been trying to reach Ian for days, he's working the IGGY.
by Stephanie Kundrotas December 05, 2007
The brown, grimy bottom part of worn socks.
He wore his socks down to the nuds
by Stephanie Kundrotas April 13, 2005