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A township Morris County, New Jersey.
Quite a few residents dress like they think they're in the ghetto, including my Jewish neighbor.
It's actually not a bad place, I've lived in Lake Hiawatha my whole life and there's barely anything in need of repair or sleazy about this part of town. A lot of kids from other parts of Parsippany come to downtown Lake Hiawatha (which is infested with pizzerias and nail parlors) to loiter and smoke weed. Granted, if there was a drug bust in Lake Hiawatha it would be pretty empty.
However, the public school system is pretty retarded. The schools on the one side of school seem to have gotten gypped. Central Middle School is overcrowded while Brooklawn isn't anywhere near as crowded, and if you go to the High chances are you envy the fact that the Hills have air conditioning. The board has also been too cheap to pay the electric bill on a few occasions, leading to the power being cut during school hours.
Ignoring the schools, Parsippany's pretty good. The cops here are great, they'll just ask you what kind of Chinese food you're eating and then drive away. They also teach their children the safe distance to tailgate someone from and how to murder someone by putting engine coolant in their iced tea.
"The Place to Be: Parsippany"
Ehh, close enough.
by Stephanie FTW August 16, 2007
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