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to steal, to heist, to acquire at the last possible moment -- often at a discounted price
1. I can't believe it, I completely J.P. Morganed that auction on eBay.

2. Yo, that guy J.P. Morganed that girl just as I was talking to her.
by Stephanie Cooper March 21, 2008
to put off doing work or take a break by hanging out in a bathroom stall (the one place at work no one will bother you).

to mentally regroup completely undisturbed in a bathroom stall.
a) My boss is hounding me about this and that...I need some major Stall Time ASAP.
b) I could really use some Stall Time, it's impossible to send text messages in this open cubicle.
by Stephanie Cooper March 24, 2008
To pregame or drink before you begin your night out on the town. To consume alcoholic drinks at one's home, perhaps due to: a rough economy with hard times, being an underage child without a fake ID, or in most cases, insurance for good times.
Me: "We're going to a speed dating event tonight???"
John: "Yep at 10pm"
Me: "Wanna come over and fill up your tank at 8?! I'm gonna need it!"
by Stephanie Cooper February 11, 2009
(noun) Possessions that you highly regard in which you exhibit great, obsessive control over. Sacred to your control only.
Examples may include your laptop, cell phone, desk space, notebooks, agenda book, etc.
Stop! Don't mess with my laptop settings! Back away from my controllable!

You're reading my text messages?! Are you crazy...you know my phone is one of my controllables!
by Stephanie Cooper June 30, 2008
(n) the practice of observing humans on the sidelines of a club, bar, or the like. One might participate in Wall Watching for:
a) educational reasons, b) a recreational activity, c) comedic relief, or d) by default, physical exhaustion.

see also, Wall Watch (v)
Bobby: Look at those moves! I wish I had my camera.
Tommy: Wow, I've never seen one of those before. I can't believe I'm witnessing such an amazing event.
Johnny: What are you guys doing by the wall?
Bobby + Tommy: Wall Watching.
by Stephanie Cooper September 15, 2009

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