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to frighten, or upset
you unnerve me!!
by stephanie June 24, 2003
person. absolutely without the slightest wrinkle of a doubt THE cuteest creation that was, is, and ever will be. he's smart, fun, awesome, diligent, considerate, sensitive, generous, merciful, loving, caring, respectful, ...

in a word, perfect.

FACT: he's already taken.
Inhwan, will you be mine?
by Stephanie February 04, 2005
Getting buck wild at a party, then getting ass naked infront of anyone who asks. Being a complete skanky whore.
Taryn was kaphoofling with Josh at the party last night.
by Stephanie September 18, 2004
To paedophile someone.
The art of being a paedophile.
Old man: *wink wink*
by Stephanie November 12, 2004
A form of a word, such as Leanna. It originated from the hit Warner-Brother movie Liar Liar, lou-pay, the nanny, which eventually turned into fleepae
Fleepae, you are such a loser.
by Stephanie May 25, 2003
Something that makes you want to vomit. Weather it be clothes, relating to sports -- a really bad pass or shot, or even someone's face. Usually used at the end of a sentence.
"Her shirt is vomitizing"

"That shot was vomitizing"

"_________'s face it vomitizing"
by Stephanie March 22, 2005
a person sufferin for somthin they want but cant have wanna be tuff person that says uncessary stuff at the wrong times and is bascily a asshole
person: damn im mad as hell
crakchead: wen u gone give it up
person: u stufferin ass motha fucka
by Stephanie February 28, 2005

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