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Metal alloy used in cheap school trophies that look good when presented to you, but bad when you realise how little money was actually spent.
"Man... my fab Dux trophy is made of pewter. Scaffy school."
by Stephanie July 04, 2004
the butt hair that a dingleberry dangles from
There was a big dingleberry hanging from my dogs zoobob.
by Stephanie June 20, 2004
An echidna girl who is an aincent ancester of knuckles. She was transported into the future and helps him wih the Master Emerald. She first apeared in Sonic Adventure.
knuckles helper
by stephanie February 22, 2004
A woman who revels in the power of cheating on her husband or boyfriend.

See scandalouswomen.com
by Stephanie September 02, 2003
They r not SEX BRACELETS they r just regular bracelets that some Slut wore and made up def. for them so she could get w/a guy.
A slut probley had a guy break a black one then she probley told him that now he hadto have oral sex w/ her.
by Stephanie April 02, 2004
Sexiest Mofo you'll ever fucking meet!
Princess Brianna is soo Hott!
by Stephanie March 11, 2005
to frighten, or upset
you unnerve me!!
by stephanie June 24, 2003

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