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144 definitions by Stephanie

a boy who is gay and has sex with other boys he is also a pedophile
Phillip and Gayrado are in love
by Stephanie November 09, 2004
A female named Stephanie who has a love for the sounds of the Jamaican born genre Ska.
I saw Skaphanie dancing at the Toasters show the other night.
by Stephanie August 17, 2004
Used as an abbreviation of the police. Has hateful connotations
"Screw the po."
by Stephanie October 29, 2003
It's actually "TIE me to the fan" not time.
"I wanna dude who will tie me to the fan"
by Stephanie February 26, 2005
Metal alloy used in cheap school trophies that look good when presented to you, but bad when you realise how little money was actually spent.
"Man... my fab Dux trophy is made of pewter. Scaffy school."
by Stephanie July 04, 2004
An echidna girl who is an aincent ancester of knuckles. She was transported into the future and helps him wih the Master Emerald. She first apeared in Sonic Adventure.
knuckles helper
by stephanie February 22, 2004
A woman who revels in the power of cheating on her husband or boyfriend.

See scandalouswomen.com
by Stephanie September 02, 2003