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the utter most perfection, completely great.
This song is so scrumtralescent, I think is my favorite song.
by Stephanie March 03, 2004
1.meaning embarrassing
you're so not hilar, how embar.
by stephanie August 24, 2004
person. absolutely without the slightest wrinkle of a doubt THE cutest, most adorable creation that was, is, and ever will be. he's smart, fun, awesome, diligent, considerate, sensitive, generous, merciful, loving, caring, respectful, ...

in a word, p e r f e c t.

FACT: he's already taken.
I would use this word when saying something like:

Inhwan, will you be mine?
by Stephanie February 04, 2005
My lovely friend, she's cute, sweet, cuddly, and yet such a wannabe whore. Her name is Bunni because, that's what the team named her, she's a perverted cutie, and we don't know how to spell
Omy god, did you see Bunni's ass? It's so bootylicious!
by stephanie February 11, 2005
A badge, pin, button or other small fashion accessory.
I have so much flare on my bag.
by Stephanie October 08, 2004
a slut; someone who sleeps around a lot
'god damn that girls a bedhopper'
by Stephanie June 23, 2004
noun. One of those women jumping on trampoline's at the end of The Man Show.
by Stephanie September 04, 2003

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