144 definitions by Stephanie

good, fine
"its all gravy"
meaning its all fine
by Stephanie September 14, 2003
Loserface is what you call your friends when they are being stupid.
Gosh! You're such a freakin loserface
by Stephanie February 18, 2005
A fetish look that was made popular in the early 90's by Courtney Love. It consists of red smudged lipstick, smeared mascara with heavy eyeliner, ripped up babydoll dresses, and bedhair. It is thought to have been created by Kat Bjellard of Babes in Toyland and stolen by Courtney. Courtney herself claims she got the idea from the lead singer of new wave 80's band The Divynls.
Kinderwhore was popular in the early 90's.
by stephanie December 29, 2004
It's when someones underwear is severly inside of their butt that becomes noticable to others
She think she cute but all that grada aint getting her nowhere making her butt look nasty
by Stephanie December 09, 2004
1)one of the coolest drummers ever, for the Max weinberg 7
Max Weinberg plays very well
by Stephanie April 13, 2004
Well, just like you would call a boy a dude, you would call a girl a dudette.
See ya later, dudettes!!!
by Stephanie September 12, 2003
The huggable drummer from the absolute best band in the world, HIM.
gas is a damn good drummer
by Stephanie March 16, 2004

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