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Scene kids can be COOL because their cool, nice, and know where the "scene is", but some are DUM BITCHFARTS, who are snotty, conceited, and tend to act stupid and "gangster".
(They could be the BIGGEST BITCHY WIGGAS ON EARTH. Talk about fucktards)
yea........especially in California, where they say "sup nigga"....iz like WTF bitchass...... SCENE KIDS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE NIGGAZ..FREAKIN A!!!!! (unless their black, which i have only seen one black scene kid, but there are no black scene kids bc they just can't be).
Some Scene Kids are cool....some AREN'T.......and some of the cool scene kids i know aren't fucktards and act black, but they are scene. Also some scene kids think you know music huh!? ya i bet you know your own genre of music pretty well....hardcore, screamo, indie, etc. yea because so do I....but guess what.....SCENE KIDS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIP-HOP.......dumb bitches.......THE REAL SCENE KIDS I KNOW DO......usually the MAJORITY of "scene kids" sometimes listen to "MAINSTREAM RAP/HIP HOP"...it's like wtf...Thats like listening to mainstream so called "rock" or "emo" or w/e. scene kid bitches please, you will never know what REAL HIP HOP is.....and "Lil Jon" isn't real HIP HOP or INDIE......SO PLEASE SCENE KIDS, STICK WITH WHAT YOU LISTEN TOO, AND DON'T EVER AGAIN TRY TO ACT BLACK AND LISTEN TO "RAP/HIP-HOP" OCCASSIONALLY OR EVER. CAUSE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT TRUE HIP HOP IS.
stick with your gay indie hardcore shit and us "real" black people who know our real music will stick wit our indie hip-hop/ neo-soul/ etc.

by Stephan Williams August 04, 2007

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