18 definitions by Stella

female sex organ, the vagina. aka whisker biscuit, tuna taco, squirrel
Jeez, that lady has such a stinky fish taco, no one would eat it!
by stella March 17, 2005
when you twitch.....also a my nick name =P cuz i keep twitching =P
†w‡†©h #7!! yeaye.....now thats the coolest nickname
by stella April 13, 2005
a stupid retard in my history class named Emad...also meaning to be stupid.....juss like him
eg 1: really hes a retard....and im not jokin......
eg 2: ur such an emad, emad!!!!!
by stella April 13, 2005
(abbreviation) stands for totally.
-Do you agree with me?
by stella February 05, 2005

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