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The amount of pints of beer you need to drink to make someone look atractive enough to want to fuck. Someone who you'd not normally consider good enough for sex. The number of pints can vary.
Nope, don't fancy her, tho she's not too bad - I'd say a five pinter!
by Steinman June 25, 2007
A person with below average intelligence who lives in an area of severe urban deprivation, & is worse than a chav, & continually wears a wooly (or woven material) type hat in all types of weather & even indoors.
I wouldn't go to that area as it is full of Wooly Hatters
by Steinman June 25, 2007
A small amount of lino (linoleum) floor covering not on show. When laying a lino (linoleum) floor covering the amount of lino that is not on show & is pushed under the skirting board is called tuckage.
How much tuckage on this piece?
by Steinman June 25, 2007
Fat Boy Dim. An abbreviation for a man who is overweight & of below average intelligence.
You can't talk to that FBD he wouldn't understand what you meant about dieting.
by steinman June 25, 2007
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