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5 definitions by Stein

an over the counter drug called Coreciden HPB.
Yo, I took 8 pills of that tripple c last night dawg, that shit fucks you up!
by StEiN October 28, 2003
153 100
22 inch rims
Shit Nigga! check out that escalade rollin on those Twankie Dueces. Too bad they aint spreewells!
by StEiN October 28, 2003
26 7
23 inch rims.
Shit son, I wont own a truck with less than twankie Tre's.
by StEiN October 28, 2003
10 1
Most cry baby, whiney ass, gay liberals and democrats.
That filthy, patchouli smelling shithole sure is full of assbandits.
by Stein January 08, 2004
11 41
a screwy state that is a shame to america. many californians have poor oral skills, reflecting their mere stupidity. california especially is known for various childish ethnic gangs, which brawls and drive-bys is a common scene.
No wonder Jimmy is so stupid, he is from California!
by stein September 25, 2003
94 141