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A period of 28 days or the mark of the end of a 28-day lunar cycle, which also happens to be the same as a woman's fertility cycle.

13 moonths fit exactly into one year. In pagan times, at the end of the 13th moonth it would be time for the King to be sacrificed and for the Queen to select a new man to be her King. The King's blood had to be poured into the ground to make the earth fertile again and the harvest plentiful, which is why they say that the number '13' is the 'unlucky number'.
"What on earth is going on out there?"

"Winter solstice blue moonth. Some poor bastard's going to be sacrificed so that the earth may bear fruit."

"Seems a bit rough on the bloke."

"That's what I said, but I obviously wasn't taking into account 4000 years of patriarchal tyranny."
by Stefanowicz October 01, 2007
A system for measuring and rating the intensity of a fart.

1 - Silent but deadly
2 - Audible, but untraceable
3 - Downright rude
4 - Shirts over noses
5 - Causes minor tremors in confined spaces
6 - Good for crowd control, empties a room
7 - Leaves a small stain
8 - Requires a immediate change of underwear
9 - Time to see a doctor
10 - Armageddon. All of the above and self-asphyxiation leading to inadvertent suicide
"Man, that would be a 9.5 on the Pettersen Scale... I'm off home to change my daks!"
by Stefanowicz January 10, 2008
A bottom-dwelling fish such as Carp, or more commonly Cod that is reknown for their undesirable or unpalatable flesh and/or offal.
Fisherman 1: "I've got one!"
Fisherman 2: "What'd you catch?"
Fisherman 1: "Damn, it's just a showbag."
Fisherman 2: "That's a cod. Why do you call it a 'showbag'?"
Fisherman 1: "Cos it's full of shit."
by Stefanowicz December 07, 2006
Posts on internet forums and blog sites, which are written by angry, megalomanic trolls and n00bs and are just plain shit to read. Comments which make no sense and gives the blogger an aura of loserism.
That 'Raven' character on the forum is a clueless muppet. From reading his posts it's obvious he a serious case of blog bog.
by Stefanowicz June 18, 2007
Payback that is overdue.

The act of retaliating or taking revenge against someone in arrears for harmful acts committed against you so long ago that your intended victim doesn't even remember what it's for.
Housemate: "Strange, I had a flat tyre this morning, I had to change it before going to work."

You: "Have you pissed anyone off lately?"

Housemate: "Not lately. Although I did run over the neighbour's cat a few months ago."

You: "Sounds like they've finally dished out a bit of back-payback?"
by Stefanowicz January 02, 2007
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