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See also wOOt, w00t and WOOT

1) An interjection similar to "YAYE!" or "Woohoo!" used to express joy or excitement, usually about some kind of accomplishment. Primarily used by gamers, spreading rapidly to anyone who chats online

Gaming origins: We Owned the Other Team
or Wonderful Loot (Everquest gaming slang)

2) To express agreement

3) As an acronym, can mean Waste of Our Time or Way Out of Topic (online forums) Less common.
1)woot! I got an A on this test.

2)Robyn: Eric is such a tool. Let's put packing peanuts in his desk.
Stefanie: woot!
by Stefanie November 07, 2004
verb (middle-naming, middle-named)

used to describe the act of calling someone by their first and second names, usually to repremand them.
Did you get in trouble for last night?
Yeah, I even got middle-named.
by Stefanie January 18, 2005
The aftermath of a night of drinking rye. We've all had it at some point, no need to go into details!
Root words: Diarrhea + rye = ryarrhea.
Damn, did you drink that whole 2-6 of JD last night?
Yes, and i am suffering from a bad case of ryarrhea today.
by Stefanie November 17, 2004
past tense of verb, to mmmify

to insert a serious of "m"s into someone's name, pronounced in a very sexual manner.
Robyn: Are you going to happy hour this week?
Stefanie: No.
Robyn: MmMMmmMMmark from IS will be there.
Stefanie: Alright, I'm going. You didn't have to mmmifiy is name to convince me, though.
by Stefanie January 18, 2005
The first four numbers of every Discover credit card. Now used at every available opportunity instead of the word discover.
I was watching the 6011y Channel last night.

Robyn has many secrets to 6011.
by Stefanie January 18, 2005
Abbreviation for what the crap

Similar to wtf - usually typed and not spoken

1.) Expresses confusion about the meaning of what was just said
2.) Acknowledges the complete randomness of a statement
Stefanie: I like monkeys.
Robyn: wtc...
by Stefanie May 10, 2005
adj - used to describe someone who is easily persuaded, or rules that can be broken (or "bent").

bending - to be dependent on some other event, used the same as "pending".

If you have heard someone use one of these in a sentence, it wouldn't quite make sense but you could figure out what they meant.
We should hook Andy up with some hookers.
Doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Yes, but he's pretty bendable in that department.

2.) Is your mom going to mad at us for drinking all the Dr. Pepper?
I don't know; that's bending.
by Stefanie January 01, 2005

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