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A technique in which one strikes an opponent with a punch from a literal (though, of course, there's always variation in length) one-inch windup. Power comes from a martial art concept, Fa Jing, commonly translated along the lines of "explosive power," to deliver backbreaking force as efficiently as possible.

Commonly believed to originate in Wing Chun kung fu, although similar techniques were and are used throughout southern China. Made popular in the west due to a display at Long Beach by the legendary Bruce Lee, who borrowed elements of said Wing Chun from his training in adolescence to create his own Jeet Kune Do.
For a particularly visual homage and/or example to the One Inch Punch, see Bruce Lee knockoff Fei Long's second Ultra combo in Super Street Fighter IV.
by Stefan-sama October 11, 2010
A common stereotype in western cinema. As opposed to Japanese ninja, an American one will perpetuate the general attitude toward far eastern culture with high-pitched screaming and ridiculously flashy moves, and should a plot require it, an intense one-on-one katana showdown in broad daylight. Will also wear a black bodysuit no matter what the lighting conditions or scenery are. Completely contradicts the entire point of the ninja in the first place, which is to assassinate in complete and total secrecy.
Bruce Lee comes to America, acts, and all of a sudden every Asian on the planet fights like him; thus was born the American Ninja.
by Stefan-sama November 16, 2010

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