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hillarious comedian with best poker face. mediocre guitar player, but has hella funny jokes
if i have to go up in a building, ill take the elevater instead of the escalator. because one time, i was riding the escalator, and i tripped, and i fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.

a month ago, i got a cactus, and a week later, it died. then i thought to myself, "damn, im less nurturing than a desert."
by Stefan Woo March 01, 2005
hillarious man who sees the world through rose colored glasses... literally!
yno, on a stoplight, yellow means yield, and green means go? well, on a banana, its just the opposite. green means hold on, yellow means go ahead...... and red means where the fuck you get that banana AT?
by Stefan Woo March 01, 2005
hillarious comedian who is uber pro with sounds.
*techno beatboxing* what is this s***?!?! this is the devils music, what is this???
by Stefan Woo March 01, 2005
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