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Public BlowJob

in woods or the back 9, wherever you want
as long as it's in public
Dude #1 "She gave me a pbj yesterday."
Dude #2 "Aw nyce! where?"
Dude #1 "Next to the CVS"
by Steezywhitekid August 02, 2011
A girl prepares a bowl, nay, a chalice, of warm milk and grabs a number of straws (preferably four).

The man places his balls in the goblet of milk as the woman places the straws in. She then proceeds to blow into the straws, creating a jacuzzi of warm milk around the man's balls inside said holy grail.

Always go 2% milk. On holidays use eggnog.
girl: *blows into staws*

--the next day--
guy #1: last night my girl gave me a jacuzzi mcdoogle, bro
guy #2: what kinda milk?
guy #1: 2%, duh
by Steezywhitekid December 14, 2011

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