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9 definitions by Steen

Since felonies are considered crazy( or calamari )
felonious is a slang term for crazy
That bitch was felonious!
by Steen November 12, 2004
16 6
Aka Subway , commonly used in northern towns of canada where there are many natives.
Lets go to the sub native caantoo!!

Ya im hungarian!
by Steen November 11, 2004
4 3
An updated version of the word "groovy". also spelt as grüven.
Check out those shoes! They're so gruven.
by Steen February 09, 2004
2 1
Also known as Phillipe Fortin
Hey Philonious Phunk, wheres Mr. Clean Nitro Biz? I just got some prawns and im hungarian so i want to go to sub native.
by Steen November 12, 2004
4 4
The lazy, dyslexic, speech impeded or slurred pronunciation of road rage.
Do the speed limit you olde bastard! YOU'RE GIVING ME ROADGE!
by Steen April 13, 2005
0 2
Means having a stash of alcohol or marijuana.
Hey man, you got some stock?
by Steen November 12, 2004
22 41
Slang for 'mary-jane' aka. johnny blaze, david blaine, product, skinny biatch,
Did you get the prawns?
by Steen November 11, 2004
7 27