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Since felonies are considered crazy( or calamari )
felonious is a slang term for crazy
That bitch was felonious!
by Steen November 12, 2004
Aka Subway , commonly used in northern towns of canada where there are many natives.
Lets go to the sub native caantoo!!

Ya im hungarian!
by Steen November 11, 2004
An updated version of the word "groovy". also spelt as grüven.
Check out those shoes! They're so gruven.
by Steen February 09, 2004
Also known as Phillipe Fortin
Hey Philonious Phunk, wheres Mr. Clean Nitro Biz? I just got some prawns and im hungarian so i want to go to sub native.
by Steen November 12, 2004
The lazy, dyslexic, speech impeded or slurred pronunciation of road rage.
Do the speed limit you olde bastard! YOU'RE GIVING ME ROADGE!
by Steen April 13, 2005
Means having a stash of alcohol or marijuana.
Hey man, you got some stock?
by Steen November 12, 2004
Slang for 'mary-jane' aka. johnny blaze, david blaine, product, skinny biatch,
Did you get the prawns?
by Steen November 11, 2004

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