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The effect a store has on you when you enter. You arrive and forgot what you came to purchase, so you wander around the store trying to remember.
I went to Target last night for toothpaste and got retail amnesia. I spent $75 on crap I didn't need and forgot the toothpaste I needed.
by SteelerPP February 14, 2012
Skyping with someone special while both parties are intentionally naked.
My boyfriend has been on the road so long that we have resorted to skinny skyping until he gets home. It's the next best thing to being there.
by SteelerPP January 28, 2011
When sitting with a friend while both are surfing, playing games, etc on your respective laptops. Could also be with other techie toys, such as tablets or smart phones.
Him: What do you want to do tonite when I come over?

Her: Bring your computer. We can just sit on the couch and have dueling laptops.
by SteelerPP August 29, 2012
Someone who pretends to be a resident in a neighborhood so they can use the community pool. It can be done with or without a resident's knowledge.
Person 1: How are you planning to beat this heat wave?
Person 2: I am gonna lay in the pool.
Person 1: You have a pool?
Person 2: No, but my friend has one in their 'hood. I am a water squatter by pretending I live with them.
by SteelerPP July 06, 2012
Similar to the walk of shame, in that it is the first thing you do after drinking heavily and trying to remember what happened the night before as you try to get your life back. However, scroll of shame is scrolling through your smart phone to see who you drunk dialed and drunk texted the night before since you cannot or only vaguely remember.
During my scroll of shame this morning, I was shocked to see I had drunk dialed two of my ex boyfriends and texted another. How embarassing!
by SteelerPP January 28, 2011
When someone with absolutely no talent gets Ebola.
That no talent dude got Ebola....it's Biebola!
by SteelerPP October 22, 2014
When you always feel like you wish you could poop but cannot.
I think I need to add some fiber to my diet. Every day I have Constantpation. constipationblocked up
by SteelerPP August 10, 2015
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