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The area that includes, Melrose, Hawthorn, Johnson, Gainsville, and more towns.
Home of the 352 Crew, A gang whos original members are either all dead, in jail, or missing in action.
hey if your from the 352 area ,youre cool with me
#352 crew #352 area #melrose #three five two #threehundred and fifty two
by Steele fresh May 29, 2006
A small square mile WW2 veteran town in midnorthern florida, that consists of all the qualities and sections in a city, but confined into a small area. you can walk from the ghettos to the rich neighborhood in 5 min. The town Consists of very few adolesent citizens but they hold a strong sense of nationalism for their home town. Though once a rich popular town known for its rich history and famous orange groves, it has been abandoned by the upperclass after the great freeze of 1893. now it is home to about 2000 people and many small businesses. The strong pride of the city brings together the youth and causes them to raise the towns image to be known as the best town to live in in the area, and each person who lives there has become known for their representation of it.Though many people from the surrounding towns try to lower its image due to spite and jealousy,The 352 crew, the town's gangs of hoodlums, have kept the image at an ultimate high. The Towns Home to Pro Football player Doug Johnson, and Pro Skateboarder Ben Steele. The Town is expected to be soon to make a large uprising and dominations over the the 4 counties that it in the middle of. Putnam, Alachua, bradford, and clay county all meet within the Melrose city limits. It is local belief that the zip code (32666) when written or displayed on a person is a symbol of power and rule over the rest of the people in these counties. As the Town's prosperity continues to grow, so does the the respect and pride for its continuing greatness. respect.
Damn, interlachen sucks, i wish i lived in Melrose . At least you actually have paved roads.
#melrose slingshot #352 #prime meridian #ookey dook #skaggle nagg
by Steele fresh July 18, 2006
(krag'nar) pr.noun: Kragnar is a demonic creature that spawned out of the center of "The Devil's Hole" in Putnam county. Kragnar is an ugly monster that resembles a Fat Gothic girl, but with john belushi face as he would look now. Small horns bud out of the top of Kragnar's black gelled down hair, and it also has and small mouth that extends from it's normal mouth like in aliens. several tenticles can be seen seen snatching small children that walk by to be absorbed into its body. It travels by night with its larged leathery wings that sprout out of its back, causeing nohing but evil and havok to those that live in the 352 area. Kragnar has been labeled as a hoax by some, but a threat by others. like bigfoot the locness monster, and other mystical creatures, Kragnar is almost impossible to capture a good picture of. if i can say anything, to you, it would be not to be a hero! dont try to capture this beast or take pictures without expert training...you will die. the only known photograph of Kragnar was taken by a young irish lad named Ryan O'malley. though the flash was off and he was never heard from again, you can see the demonic outline of Kragnar as it devours his body.
Kragnar WILL kill you...no joke. it aint funny
#monster #demon #devil #john belushi #352 crew
by Steele Fresh September 09, 2006
a skate board move that requires you to kick the front foot off your board like an ollie north, but also at the same time kick your back foot off the board, so that you are suspended above your board (which isnt flipping by the way) with both feet kicked infront and behind your board. This move is Believe to be invented by Profesional skater Ben Steele in the early 00's.
that wasnt a prime meridian, your back foot was still on your board!!!
#pm #primey #meridian #primape #primary
by Steele fresh May 29, 2006
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