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A term used to describe when at least 2 or more people gather together in a public washroom (ex: restaurant, hotel) with about 2-3 bathroom stalls lined up next to each other, to take a shit all at the same time. This allows intimate conversation and laughs to be had with your friends, while also feeling the relaxation of unloading your turd.
Richie: "Man that taco bell went right through me, I gotta go take a big crap immediately"

Cameron: "Yeah, same here dude"

Richie: "Buddy dump?"

Cameron: "You know it!"
by SteelShark398 August 26, 2011
A good-looking girl who is very pretty and has a nice body, but possesses horrible, scraggly looking teeth.
Julien: "Man that Jane chick from Spanish class has a great body. I think I might ask her out"

Cameron: "Yeah she does, but there's one problem"

Julien: "What she's russian?"

Cameron: "No she's a fox trap"

Julien: "Dammit that's even worse"
by SteelShark398 September 12, 2011
the hot, gorgeous woman you usually go to for sex late at night, who will fulfill your desires and give you everything you need. Midnight Queens often are uncontrollable animals in the bed and are some of the dirtiest, sexiest women you will ever sleep with.
Chad: "You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night"

Ryan: "Let me guess......you watched the Home Alone trilogy again"

Chad: "Nope, I had that hot waitress from the bar last night, best midnight queen I ever had"

Ryan: "Hell yeah"
by SteelShark398 November 27, 2011

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