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Hybrid form of marijuana, coupling the ever popular hydro variants bubblegum and skunk. Partaking in the bubble skunk tends to lead to laziness, and dis-illusionment. When consumed in mass quantities users are completely useless, but content to be so useless.
Man I set aside a whole day and laid around hitting the bubble skunk. From what I remember I had a good time. I am now the proud owner of the clapper, and a whole shitload of Anne Murray CDs. Damn fine bubble skunk.
by Steebr77 December 30, 2004
Colorful 6 foot 4 inch redneck from East Texas bearing a striking resemblence to a penis. Sports half-faded, completely out of proportion olde English lettering on his chest. Has an affinity for the bubble skunk, and enjoys front porch skeet shooting, as well as yard runs while under the influence of said narcotic.
Douche Wagon wanted to make a subtle political statement. What do you mean by "subtle political statement?" He burned a cross in the neighbor's front yard.

Douche Wagon on one of his favorite pastimes, "Hell man, dump that clutch and let the granny gear loose - watch that mud fly."
by Steebr77 December 31, 2004

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